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    Blanchard Nash
    (513) 861-1695
    (513) 368-2984
    P.O. Box 781
    Ohio 45201
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    To Whom it may concern,
    In my opinion, Blanchard Nash is an excellent psychic reader. His readings are a wonderful blend of sage spiritual counsel, metaphysical knowledge, intuitive insight and understanding of human nature, all delivered with humor, empathy and compassion.
    In my experience with several professional readers over the years, I must consider Blanchard one of the most purely psychic. He seems to be a gifted empath and intuitive. He is quite versatile and can work with many different tools for divination, both traditional (such as tarot cards) and less conventional ( like Hawaiian sacred coral). He has demonstrated an impressive flexibility to any situation as a reader.
    He has remained poised and focused while being observed by an audience during a reading. In fact, Blanchard is a fascinating public speaker, able to discourse on a great variety of metaphysical topics. He is a tremendous resource of information on many esoteric and arcane subjects.
    Blanchard is perfect for those having a reading for the very first time due to his warmth and friendliness and charming combination of self-confidence and humility. He offers a gentle, helpful and insightful introduction to the world of psychic readings and spiritual counsel. I have often received great feedback from his clients.
    Blanchard is a most sincere teacher who is generous with his time, his wisdom and his understanding. I hold him in high esteem and recommend him whole heartedly.
    Patrick McMahon
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