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Moonstone Readings

One instrument which I use for readings sometimes causes confusion by virtue of the name of the tools. And again, it causes interest by virtue of its rarity. These statements, of course relate to the Moonstone Reading.
The moonstones of this oracle are neither feldspar nor selenite, the other moonstone, named for the moon goddess Selene. Rather, they are variously colored and shaped pieces created in a polymer clay used by artists for sculpting. These pieces were created by Jennings Ray of Dry Ridge, Kentucky, to represent animal totems and other qualities which he channeled from Spirit. Over time they have evolved in several semi-regular forms from the original shapeless masses of cast off clay remaining from the multicolored angels which he makes. As a result of this humble origin, there are very few who read them.
(513) 861-1695
In Person At Show
  • $35 for 20 to 30 minutes
  • Audio recording of session included 
  • Also includes free crystal or stone
  • $30 for 15 minutes (may be controlled by show)
  • Audio recording of session included
  • Also includes free crystal or stone
Moon Stone Reading
When using this oracle, I have the client select the stones which most appeal to him on an esthetic level. This is not an intuitive exercise, but rather a conscious decision. Once the stones have been selected to the satisfaction of the client, I am ready to begin the reading.
First, I will note the number of stones selected and offer an assessment of the significance of that number for the client. This may indicate the focus or general trend of the reading. Perhaps the energy surrounding this person is social, artistic, practical or spiritual. These concerns will be shown here to point the way to serviceable information.
Next, I will look at the stones which appear to be negatively aspected or problematic. What do these indicate as blocks or difficulties which must be addressed? Perhaps, one is not fulfilling a personal desire or need. There may be a goal, duty or gift which is not being honored. The subconscious frustration or sense of guilt resulting from this sets up blocks in ones energy system which may draw discordant events and other problems into ones life.
I will then move on to the stones which indicate better energies, those which indicate feelings and situations by which one may find lifes benefit. Many possibilities are available, and becoming aware of them, or even receiving affirmation when such are suspected, can be helpful in achieving that which is offered to us.
In viewing the stones, I will pay attention to their totem energies and/or color emanations for their meanings. The shapes of the pieces may affect the represented energies as also the relations of the stones to one another and the client. By this I can understand something of the balance in the clients life: if they offer encouragement or compulsion, hindrance or growth and expansion.
No matter the natural disposition of the stones in themselves, when viewed in juxtaposition with the client, there may appear further movement towards harmony or discord. This is due to the uniqueness of the individuals own life experience. Thus beyond the indications of the totems, colors and shapes of the stones which give some information, I may begin to perceive more information concerning the clients life, activities, and even his state of mind. Also, I may receive information relating to ones physical health. Therefore, among matters of which the client may need to be aware will be information relating to his worries, some of which may need to be referred to a licensed medical professional. I am always gratified to have the opportunity to address concerns of the client and to put them into perspective. Occasionally, I have been able to assure a client that it is better to take care of a problem than to hold onto fear, or to warn others that prompt medical attention is necessary to avoid serious complications.

When all the stones have been assessed, I may note various patterns as indicated by the prominence of particular colors so as to give a secondary focus or theme. Reporting on these may offer extra help and blessings, and sometimes there may be a new direction offered to the client in these. Often, this may be a confirmation or encouragement to try that new idea that has been playing in ones mind. This reading often works in that the colors of the chosen stones and the patterns formed by those colors are very much the same colors and patterns within the auric field of the clients. At other times, the colors may seem to be at odds with the energies in ones energy field which demonstrates that one may be working at cross purposes with oneself. Becoming aware of this can relieve a lot of stress and bring a strong sense of relief and comfort.
I invite you to try this curiously enjoyable and informative reading in the very near future. Those who have say that they are glad to have done so. Feel free to contact me with questions about this and other services.


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