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Intuitive Tarot Card Readings

Tarot is a tool used to aid in the focus on a question or problem. In a session, I will read the cards using their usual or alternative meanings, some of which are standard and are possibly based on numerical or astrological correspondences while others may relate to symbols or images on the cards that seem to jump out at me or scream for attention. Even other meanings may arise from the blending of the energies of the cards with those of the person seeking the information. Thus the cards help me to be aware of subtle energies and often form only a bare skeleton of the information given in a reading.

In the preparation for the reading, I will ask if there is a specific question or focus to be addressed. As the cards are being shuffled, both the client and I concentrate impassibly on the desired information. Whether the cards are shuffled by me or by the client, they are arranged as much by unconscious telekenetic control on the part of the client as by the expected manipulations in the shuffling process. Thus, in a good reading, the psychically pre-determined order of the cards is created by the subconscious mind of the client.

Here I must offer a caveat or warning. When one desires a reading, it is important to have a desire for the truth and to be open thereto. While we all have desires for things to go according to our will, it is best to be open to the understanding that that is not always what happens. Wanting too much to hear that things will occur in a certain way may predjudice the reading by forcing the information to bring out what you want to hear rather than what may in fact be the case.

It is always better to have the best possible information concerning the actual patterns of your situation. Knowing the truth, no matter how disappointing, gives you the power to best respond and possibly to change things for the better. This is especially true of situations relating to the future as it flows foward from the past and present and is not set in stone. A reading is based on patterns which have been set up as of the time of the reading; following these patterns with their energies brings us to the future. Changing these energies and patterns by thought, word, attitiude or deed may bring a change in the circumstances surrounding you and vastly affect what happens. I, therefore, often offer options of response which may help to bring about the preferred events so that pitfalls may be avoided. At the very least, truth may help cushion the blow or lead to an understanding of what led to the situation in question.

The tarot decks which I use most often are the Brotherhood of Light Authentic Egyptian Tarot Deck and the Gill Deck. Following are some of the spreads which I use.

  • The Magic Seven Spread - This is a very good spread to answer question or to deal with specific situations. It not only shows the causative factors and probable outcome, it also shows the strengths which the clent possesses to achieve success in the matter and also the obstacles which hinder one's goals.
  • The Pyramid Spread - Here we look at the probable events along a timeline over the next six months to a year. We look first at the causative factors leading from the present and ingrained or preset patterns. Then we look at the future in three sections: near intermediate and more distant. I generally caution that what is revealed is generally what will happen if the patterns continue uninterrupted; the perceived future can be altered by changing of attitudes, thoughts and actions.
  • The Yes or No Spread - When a yes or no answer is desired, this spread shows probability and demonstrates contributing factors. Thus one may have an understanding of the contributing factors in the circumstances in question.
  • The Gill Spread - This spread, based on the kabbalistic Tree of Life, reveals the quality of thoughts and feelings found in the ten levels of the mind and demonstrates how they affect the outer world of experience. Thus, while this reading does not always give details of exact events, it does give powerful understanding as to why various situations are occurring in one's life. This spread presents an amazing pattern of interconnections and correspondences between one's thoughts and circumstances.

For those interested in Tarot consultations, I have presented some of the available readings. Information on other tools for readings is found elsewhere on this site. .

(513) 861-1695
In Person By Telephone At Show
  • $40 for 20 to 30 minutes
  • Audio recording of session included 
  • Also includes free crystal or stone
  • $40 for 20 to 30 minutes
  • Audio recording of session included
  • $30 for 15 minutes (may be controlled by show)
  • Audio recording of session included
  • Also free crystal or stone
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