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    Blanchard Nash
    (513) 861-1695
    (513) 368-2984
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    Ohio 45201
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    Blanchard Nash

    Welcome to the world of Blanchard Nash. My world is a place where miracles can and often do happen. I believe that I can help you find the miracles available to you and your situation. Let me tell you some ways in which I may be of service to you.

    I can help you with information. To get to this information I may use Tarot, Soul Cards, Clairvoyance, or even messages from your guides and angels. I can encourage, coach and/or help you to learn how to obtain much of this information for yourself using your own particular gifts.

    I can offer healing energies to aid you with various manners of distress. The use of Reiki or auric energies may offer some relief of pain or tension as well as a sense of hope and peace so as to see you through difficult times and situations.

    I can also help you learn to care for you own energy system and to monitor it contiuously. I can show you how to deal energetically with the many things that affect your life, thus you may experience greater control of your personal power to deal with any situation.

    Feel free to peruse these pages and to contact me with any questions. 

    Blanchard Nash
    (513) 861-1695
    (513) 368-2984


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